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Laundry Solution for Your Business

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Commercial Services

Stay - Hotel, Airbnb, Homestay

Relax - Spa, Gym, Saloon, 

Food - Restaurant, cafe, bar

Leisure - Fashion outlet, Sport club

Institution - School, Clinic, Dental

and not only limited to these.

We provide customised schedule for recurring or one-off events, payment terms, and competitive rates.


Corporate Services

Whether the company need the fleet looking sharp 24/7 or provide laundry service as part of your staff benefits, let your employee worry about laundry no more. They should focus what matters for you. Talk to us if your company requires customised laundry solutions. 


As Washhouse expands into new cities, we are looking for new partners. If you are looking for operators to collaborate on your laundry service or provide/need white label service providers to expand your business, we are interested to work with you. We are open to any new ideas on expanding and improving the laundry business.


Setting up a laundry isn't easy and can be time consuming. We can fast track your progress on laundry business, get the best deals on equipment, and most importantly - get it right the first time! We provide training for new business owners too.

Setting up a new laundry does not have to be expensive, check out the great package deals we offer.

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About you

We want to know you and your company more, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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