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3 Laundry Mistakes You Never Knew You Were Making [Feat. Cross Nation Apparel]

"Oh no, my shirt is stained with the other colour again!"

"Why is my towel always sticky and plasticky, unlike the ones in fancy hotels?"

You probably need to watch this video to know what you did wrong, and how you can preserve your clothes so that it always looks like a brand new one.

Discover these 3 simple hacks by Shazrin, co-owner of Washhouse.

  1. Pouring detergent direct to laundry One of the most common mistakes people make with their laundry is pouring the detergent directly onto your laundry. The detergent is designed to work in the diluted concentration, and direct contact may eat away at the colour of your clothes, particularly dark colour t-shirts. What should you do instead? i) Pour detergent to the washer ii) Pour in water iii) Load your laundry This will avoid direct contact of detergent to the fabric.

  2. Using fabric softener for all your laundry Fabric softener works by lightly coating the fabric making it feel smooth, soft and stop any static from building up. The problem is softeners are also hydrophobic, which means they also create a waterproof barrier. This would not be so ideal when you’re washing towels and bedsheets. What should you do instead? For towels and bedsheets: i) Substitute fabric softeners with white vinegar ii) Wash with detergent only

  3. Handling your lights and darks Separating lights and darks would mean that instead of having one load to wash, you’d have two. Well, the good news is you don’t have to finish ALL your laundry in one go. A good workaround would be to separately wash the lights and darks on different days. What you can do instead? i) Separate laundry based on the source ii) Prepare two baskets for your laundry for easy setup


We hope these ideas would make your laundry task less daunting and you will have your favourite tees looking nice like new longer.

This special collaboration is presented by Cross Nation Apparel and Washhouse.

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On the other hand, if you’re looking to get your laundry done with the utmost care, make sure you contact us to book your pick up and delivery laundry service. We’re always happy to help!

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